One of the main skills of Man, is to know how to relate. And one of the main flaws is close to new knowledge, from other people, other cultures.

Modern professionals and modern people need to be flexible, because the world is huge, and the trends here are quickly multiplied. Therefore, in order to evolve, we need to relate to others.

Internet, Social Media, Skype, WhatsApp, Parks, Meeting, Paties, Restaurants, Pubs, Places, Sights, Trips are just some of the scenarius during which we can interact with other people and gives us the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation – witch is more beneficial for building relationships

New cultures, new languages, new habits, new skills, new experiences, unlimited are the benefits of opening up to the new, go over your barriers and break your fears. Relationships open doors, doors of different knowledge, this is important for your growth.

If you think that creating new relationships poses any risks or negatives to how we do business, I believe that losing the opportunity to build strong relationships in na opportunity lost.

Best Regards

Vinícius Ferreira


Fonte da imagem: Google Imagens

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